How to treat an escort

There are some rules that all clients who hire escorts should adhere. There is a certain etiquette that everyone should follow. These are the fundamentals that are beneficial for both parties and greatly improves the conditions and atmosphere during appointments. You should learn those rules before you decide to arrange a meeting with an escort. If you want the best services, you need to know all of that.

Adult entertainers are the same kind of professionals as in any other vocations. You can expect that when you pay for the services, you will be attended properly. And that means the appointments with escorts must be viewed like visit to a lawyer or a doctor. However, the delicate nature of escorts’ work means that you cannot act like when selling goods. You’ve got to have respect for the other party and you should be nice. Just like you would be nice for aforementioned lawyer.

ivana_00Here we have to wan you about falling in love with the escort you hire. It is possible to maintain a longstanding relationship with an escort but even in those cases it usually stays professional. Looking for a partner for the rest of your life among escorts is not the best idea. Furthermore, we must stress that if a girl says “no” and she is not willing to provide services you would like, you shouldn’t argue. You can of course negotiate some things but when an escort firmly disagrees to some of your wishes, you must politely accept that as a fact. There are some boundaries and if a girl does not want to cross them, that’s it.

When you meet with an escort you shouldn’t also be demanding. To have a successful meeting you must be considerate and attentive. Usually it is well understood that both parties want to have some fun. An escort is there for you but you are a part of this deal and should also strive to make a good atmosphere. Be courteous. Be tactful. Do not treat an escort like you would own her. You have paid to spend some time with her. If will show respect, she will show it too. Remember that what comes up is in part a consequence of your attitude. And don’t rush. Watch for clues instead.

There are also things that should be considered about payment. You should always have the money ready and normally you pay upfront. It is advisable that you should not speak about that directly. You might do it, however, that is not always good for the atmosphere of the meeting. Appointments with the escorts are not the same as buying your groceries at the supermarket. Remember not to count the money and do not try to barter at the last minute. If the price was set beforehand and everything is settled, you should not try to renegotiate. There are some things that an escort can offer you as an extras during the session. You can talk about that but do not haggle.

It would also be nice if you would refrain from asking personal questions. Inquiries about privacy are not part of the deal. Yet again we’ve got to remind you that these meetings are business arrangements so life secrets are off-limits.

There are also some issues concerning your physicality. Hygiene is very important. You shouldn’t be smelly or dirty and if you are asked to go shower yourself, do not be offended. And it also can be an opportunity to ask an escort to follow you. Sometimes you need to freshen up a little before. And last but not least if an escort you have met does not live up to your expectations, leave immediately before you will pay her. It’s your money, it’s your experience. Therefore do not stay if you really do not want to. However, always be on time and call if you will be late. And after the whole thing, you can send an e-mail with thanks or notice the agency that you’ve enjoyed the experience.