London Bridge escorts

A structure that draws tourists from all over the globe

The term ‘London Bridge’ is known all over the world, but only few are aware that it doesn’t actually have anything to do with any particular bridge. In fact, there have been at least a few ‘London Bridges’, whereas the current one opened to traffic in 1974. If you’d like to find out more about the bridge itself and its amazing surroundings, hire London Bridge escorts and let them show you around!

A few words about the bridge

No matter if you’re interested in engineering or not, the structure of the bridge will overwhelm you, as it’s one of the most majestic structures of its kind in the whole country. The box girder bridge erected from concrete and steel is not only entirely safe for traffic, but also truly beautiful and interesting, especially for engineers but also for tourists.

In the past, there have been several other bridges that were called ‘London Bridge’. For instance, the previous one was a 19 th century stone-arched bridge. Needless to say that the bridge spans between Southwark and the City of London.

Early and modern history

If you fancy history and engineering, you’ll be especially interested in the past of the London Bridge, which is quite an interesting story. The place where it was built is quite obvious as it connects two significant places in London, but the history of the bridge was very turbulent and intriguing, mostly because of its gradual development in order to achieve contemporary looks and structure.

During the Roman times there was a bridge as well. Presumably the first one was a pontoon type bridge and was used by Romans for a very long time. Later on, during the medieval, number of attempts to construct a bridge took place, first structures were built of timber.

The popular term of the ‘old’ London Bridge has something to do with medieval times. Today, if you want to find out more about that, you can always ask your London Bridge escort to show you a museum of some kind where you can effortlessly obtain some information about this part of history.

In 19 th century the ‘old’ London Bridge was replaced by a new one. The new structure turned out to be a huge upheaval in the development of the city, especially because it allowed people to cross the river more often and safe. Contemporary ‘modern’ London Bridge was constructed between 1967 and 1972 and serves today.

Surroundings and opportunities

Apart from the fact that the bridge is very interesting itself, there are also number of opportunities in proximity to it. Companionship of escorts in Tower Bridge is only a part of entertainment opportunities, since London is actually full of amazing places, bars and pubs, not to mention concert venues where you can hang out with cheap escorts from our professional escort agency.

With VIP women you’ll be able to explore surroundings of the area, therefore it’s definitely a sound idea to hire an escort in Tower Bridge, not only to stay beside you during your stay, but also keep you entertained as only gorgeous girls can. Such a girl is an amazing idea if you’re looking for joy with a woman in London.

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