The most interesting fun things to do in London

London is a city full of secrets and many attractions, which are not visible in the tourist information leaflets. Whether you’re in London on business, family visits or on a trip, it’s a good idea to fall into his secrets in every case. Especially when it comes to having fun and spending time in a way that will improve your mood.

Of course you don’t have to spend your free time alone. You can take one of our lovely escorts with you. We'll tell you where you can really have fun. We present you top things to do in London. So let's start!

Escape Plan

Adventure and adventure again! This is the best thing to do in London! You and your escort girl only have one hour to get out of the closed barrack. You have to devise an action plan and act together. You have a guarantee of laughter and a better understanding of yourself. Hour of fun costs 85 pounds here.

stock_04Comedy Store London Piccadilly Circus

This is where you can laugh with the tears. Live performances, very often spontaneous. You can influence the course of the show and have fun with the director. Definitely this is the best stand up in London. You can get here very easily by underground. We recommend you Comedy Combo, which also includes food and drink included. Prices start at £29.


This is another proposal of the top things to do in London. Did you ever wonder how the airbus cockpit looks like? Or maybe you wanted to become a pilot? If at least one question you answered YES, this place is for you. This is best flight simulators throughout the UK. You can also learn the construction of the popular Airbus engine and much more. You can experience a great adventure for only £60.

What about cheap things to do in London?

If you want to show your escort that you are romantic and you want to put her in a great mood, take her to Columbia Road, where is the largest flower market in all London. The scenery is so beautiful, that you can take a photo together here. You can also give your date a wonderful bouquet for literally a few pounds.

Emirates Air Line

This is another proposal that is a great alternative to the London Eye. The impressions will be unforgettable, even though it is one of the cheap things to do in London. You will see London from a different perspective and you will have the opportunity to take original photos.

The Sky Garden

When you get hungry, go to Sky Garden, where there are many restaurants. Prices start at £ 25 and the views are amazing as the name of it implies. These are just a few suggestions from many of the best things to do in London that will take you all day long, or even two. It will be a great start to get back to London on a regular basis!